Bronzed Bull and Bear Bookends- Customizable Wall Street Decor

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• Beautiful, Stylized Bull and Bear Battling
• Molded in Designer Resin with Cold Cast Bronze Coating
• Use as Two Separate Pieces or joined together as a Single Sculpture
• Each Statue is approximately 10" long

**Add a base with a custom-engraved plate to this Wall Street inspired statue! Just select one of the base variations then choose a font from the font image and type your text in the personalization box.**

The eternal struggle of fortunes won and lost is played out in this bronze-coated bookend set. Use it to hold up your investment books. Or just place them artistically around your room for subtle Wall Street style. And if that's not enough, you can fit them together to make one gorgeous, investor-inspired sculpture.

Love dabbling in the Stock Market? Know an investor who does? This is the perfect statue for any Wall Street lover. A beautifully stylized sculpture of a bull kicking a bear while it's down. Or goring it, anyway. Does it matter? It's just a metaphor for rising stocks!

This classy statue makes the perfect addition to any room (buy two for awe-inspiring bookends!). The master artist has given the dominant bull a regal, confident bearing with one hoof on the struggling bear's throat, and the horns ready to deliver the KO. Both animals are brilliantly stylized, and coated with a layer of cold-cast bronze for quality and shine. This isn't a cheap plastic toy--it's a magnificent statue that weighs in at nearly three pounds! Add a base with your custom text engraved on a plate to immortalize this gift.

Bring the permanent luck of a bull market into someone's life (even if that someone is you)! There's no better gift than the gift of rising fortunes.

Materials: Cold Cast Bronze,High Quality Resin