Ranger-Lord Longsword with Decorative Utility Knife in Scabbard

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  • Free Text Engraving (and optional graphics, including sigils like a stark Dire Wolf, etc)
  • One of the Longest and Most Beautiful Swords We Carry!
  • Beautiful, Decorative, Fantasy Longsword Design
  • 46 Inches of Bad-Assed Ranger Intimidation
  • Mirror-Polished 440 Stainless Steel Blade Perfect for Engraving
  • Long, Hand-and-a-Half Grip with Elegant Steel Ring Separators
  • Matching Scabbard is Stylized, with Golden Accents and Buckled Straps for Easy Wearing
  • Scabbard Holds a Fantasy-Style, Decorative Utility Knife (unsharpened) for the Ranger on the Go
  • Wrapped-Hardwood Sheath with Gorgeous Metal Accents at Tip and Throat

The Ranger Lord Longsword is a blend of savagery and style. It is one of the most beautiful swords we carry, and one of the longest. The overall length is 46", with a 36" blade made from 440 stainless steel. The blade is wide, with a shallow fuller, making it perfect for engraving. The hilt is absolutely gorgeous, with a gold-trimmed pommel, elegant, sweeping guards and a grip separated into sections by steel rings. The scabbard on this sword is just as handsome. It features golden steel embellishments, leather cord wraps and sturdy buckle-straps for attaching the entire ensemble to a belt. And, the cherry on the cake: A decorative fantasy knife slips into a built-in sheath in the scabbard. That's right--a sheath within a sheath! Now that's ranger efficiency!

The Ranger Lord Longsword comes with free custom text engraving. Choose one to two line of your own personal message! Like, "Die, Die, Die, Uruk-hai!" or "A Hobbit I know Went to Mordor and All I Got Was This Stupid T-Shirt." Um. Or you could make it more personal to you. Entirely up to you.