Custom Engraved Pirate Sword Letter Opener

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  • A Letter Opener Worthy of Any Good Pirate, with "Deep-Engraved" Custom Text
  • Yes, We'll Deep-Engrave up to 30 Characters of Your Text
  • Beautifully Cast Bell-Guard with Pirate Ship and Waves Motif
  • 7 1/2" Curved Blade Makes Quick Work of sealed Envelopes
  • 10" in Overall Length
  • Optional Display Stand with Optional Custom Engraving for Optionally Awesome Extra Customization Available
If you know anything about the Pirate's Code*, then you know it's absolutely mandatory for all pirate captains to have a good, fierce-looking letter opener. In fact, any good pirate, according to the Pirate's Code, should have an awesome letter opener available to them. This, my friends, is an awesome, fierce-looking and undeniably good pirate letter opener. And to make it even better, add a deep-engraved message to provide the ultimate in pirate personalization. This pirate letter opener is big and brash and if anyone asks you to give it to them, you let them know in no uncertain terms, that you're disinclined to acquiesce.

These lovely pirate cutlass letter openers are customized with up to 30 characters of your very own deep-engraved text. What do we mean by deep-engraved? Well, think of the standard engraving you usually see, and multiply it ten-thousand awesome.

Most engravers just mark the surface, or etch a teeny-tiny bit into the metal. At Mantra Immortal, our motto is "Go Deep, or Go Home." Yeah, we're working on a new motto. But that doesn't change the fact that we engrave deeply into the metal around the text. The result? Raised text that can be felt, and that looks ten-thousand-awesome better than standard engraving. It's personalization worthy of Captain Jack Sparrow himself!

For a more finished presentation, add an optional display stand. We can provide an attractive, horizontal tabletop stand with or without additional personalization. If you choose to add the custom engraved stand, just let us know your text and font in the order comments (or just send us a message after you order).
These are usually hot sellers, so grab them before they go out of stock!

* The Pirate's Code is more what we like to call "guidelines."

Materials: Cast Metal Guard and Grip,Metal Blade,Deep Engraved with Laser Awesomeness