Custom Engraved Runic Winter Bastard Sword

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• Free Text Engraving!
• And Optional Graphic Engraving!
• Beautiful, Fantasy-Style Sword
• White Grip and Sheath Perfect for Weddings
• White Grip and Sheath Also Perfect for Wizard Cosplay
• White Grip and Sheath Also Perfect for Sword Collectors Who Want a White Sword
• Yeah, We're Captain Obvious
• 28" Stainless Steel Blade Perfect for Engraving 

Along with your free text engraving, you can add the following cool options:

1. LIGHTSTORM?äó DEEP ENGRAVING. This is a beautiful, deep engraving with a patterned background and a frame. It's a unique, incredibly impressive style of engraving perfect for gifts, awards or important mementos. The primary text in LIGHTSTORM?äó custom text should be fairly short. For thicker swords, you can sometimes get two lines of text deep engraved inside the frame. But it's usually best to put one line of text in the frame (max 40-50 characters). If you need more text, many of our items allow for an additional line below the frame, in standard text. LIGHTSTORM?äó Engraving requires a frame choice, so if you select deep engraving, look in the product images for your frame choice. Tell us--in the personalization box--which frame you want. If you don't choose a frame, we'll choose one that we feel looks best for your text.

2. FRAME/DIVIDER: A Frame of Divider around your text. Just select a variation with "Frame" in it. Pick your frame/divider from the product images and let us know which one you want in the personalization box.

3. SIGIL IMAGES. We'll engrave one of our sigil graphics onto most of our items. See the product images for our sigil graphic choices. Pick one, then select a "sigil" variation when choosing the product style you want. Tell us which sigil you want in the personalization box.

4. CUSTOM GRAPHICS: Yup. We'll engrave your image, logo, symbol, fingerprint, dental x-rays--pretty much whatever you want as long as it isn't horrifically offensive, illegal, or risks our business to engrave it. Just pick a "custom graphic" variation (sometimes just "custom" (damn space limitations on variations)) and send us the graphic you want. By sending the graphic, you acknowledge that you have the rights to reproduce the image. If you send us a professional sports team's logo, or a Marvel movie property image or anything like that, we will ask you to certify that you have the rights to the image. Images should be as hi-res as possible and easy to see. If we need to clean up the image, we may contact you and ask you to pay a $25 clean-up fee. You can send images through Etsy messaging if they are standard web graphics, or you can send any type of image by email to: mantraimmortal [!at]

5. CUSTOM SILK GRIP-WRAP: WE offer a silk wrap in one of ten color styles around the grip of many of our items. Depending on the item, the wrap will either cover the entire grip, or just a part of it. If you would like a grip-wrap, you can purchase it here: