The Ravager Medieval Type XII Hand-Forged Custom-Engraved Arming Sword

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Free Text Engraving! This item is eligible for our LIGHTSTORM™ Pommel Engraving! If you choose this variation, we'll engrave a custom graphic on the pommel, and (if you want) text in an arc around the graphic. And, if you want a breathtaking engraving style that you won't find anywhere else on the internet, choose LIGHTSTORM™ deep engraving for the blade. You won't be disappointed (scroll through the product images for examples of LIGHTSTORM™).

A knight and his arming sword were as inseparable as a police officer and his sidearm. Though a knight might use another weapon in battle, the arming sword was at his side forever. And his son's side, after that. In fact, when you consider that arming swords were handed down from generation to generation, it's entirely likely that generations of sons would use the same sword.

So, arming swords became much more than just weapons. They became symbols of the men who carried them. Badges of honor, symbols of rank and nobility, and messages to all that the bearer was both a gentleman and warrior; that he could save your soul or take it in an instant.

Knights would often have sacred or other meaningful words inscribed into the blades of their swords, inlaid with silver or gold. Which is where Mantra Immortal's tradition of engraving swords comes from! The words served as both an inspiration and personal motto for them. 

This fine example of a knight's arming sword is what famed sword historian Ewart Oakeshott would call a type XII, or, as I like to call it, "Awesome." It's a step up from our Silver Knight's Arming Sword, and features a more rugged (and historically accurate) steel. The steel guards are straight (Oakeshott type 1 for those who follow such things), one of the most common types of crossguards from the early medieval age all the way to the 17th century. The high-carbon-steel blade on this sword is hand forged, and 35 inches long. Overall the sword is 42 inches in length and, while it's heavier than most arming swords were, it is still historically accurate in shape and crafting technique.

The sword's grip is a scalloped hardwood, wrapped in double-stitched leather for a firm, comfortable feel. A leather-wrapped hardwood sheath comes with the sword. And, as always, the Ravager Type XII Arming Sword comes with Mantra Immortal's free text engraving. And, if you want to turn your sword into a work of art, choose the LIGHTSTORM™ Deep Engraving variation! (see below for more on that).