Greek Trireme Warship Replica with Kraken Sails

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  • Beautiful replica of an Ancient Greek/Roman Trireme
  • Awesome Giant Squid Graphic on the Billowed Sail
  • Intricately detailed
  • Mounted to a customizable stand (optional engraved plate)
  • Dimensions: 13 3/4" x 10 1/4"
  • Perfect Gift or Award for Sailors, Boat Owners, History Buffs, or People Who Love Calimari

Triremes were ships used by the ancient Greeks, Romans, and other Mediterranean civilizations. They were fast and very maneuverable, but if you ever played Sid Meirs' Civilization games, you know they weren't the sturdiest vessels ever made (in the game, they would sink if they were more than 1 space from the shore when you ended your turn). 

The Kraken design on the sail is gorgeous (although it would just be called a sea monster, as the Kraken was a Norse creature, not Greek). 

This replica of the ancient Greek trireme is cast in designer resin and finished in cold-cast bronze for a metallic look and feel. Fully outfitted with three banks of oars, curling stern, eyes on the bow and ramming prow, this ship is maneuverable and ready to battle the dangers of the deep! Okay, the shallows. But still...