Leonidas, King of Sparta in Cold-Cast Bronze Finish - w/ Spear in Battle Stance - Optional Personalization/Engraving Available

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**Add a personalized base to turn this sculpture into a gorgeous gift, trophy, or award! Just select the Customized Base variation**

He's a man. A king. A legend. A descendant of Hercules. A battle-commander who held off hundreds of thousands of Persian warriors for three days with just 299 other soldiers at his side. And yes, a dude who could wear a leather Speedo and get away with it.

Leonidas I, King of Spartans, will forever be known for his moral victory at Thermopylae--made famous in our time by the movie 'The 300 Spartans' in 1962, then by the graphic novel series '300' by Frank Miller, and by the 2006 movie of the same name starring Gerard Butler.

This handsome statue is an incredibly detailed homage to Leonidas. He stands in battle position, with his spear--the primary weapon of a Spartan Warrior-- held in one hand and his shield in the other. Note the attention to tiny details--like the scarred surface of his shield, the folds of his cloak and the intricate carving of the hairs on his helmet crest.

The Noble Leonidas statue stands 7 1/2" high by 7 1/4" wide (at the base) and about 4 3/4" deep (at the base). If you set him on your desk, he's high enough that he might just blot out the sun coming through your window. But if that happens, we're pretty sure you will work in the shade. Um. A little funny? A tiny, teeny bit funny? Did you *see* the movie? Sheesh.

Leonidas was masterfully sculpted, then coated in an innovative cold-cast layer of bronze. Hints of color are hand-painted onto him--just enough to add warmth, style and life without looking garish. This isn't a cheesy plastic toy. This is a heavy, high-quality sculpture that feels as elegant as it looks. Choose the marble-base variation if you want to add custom text!