Mini Spartan-Crested Helmet Made with Weathered Steel - Optional Customization

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  • Magnificent Miniature Spartan Helmet Reproduction
  • Optional Crest Engraving on the Metal Base of the Crest, with Groovy, Shape-Following Custom Text
  • You Can Also Optionally Engrave an Image on the Cheek (Our Sigils or a Custom Image)
  • Add an Upgraded Stand with a Custom-Engraved Plate for Even More Personalization!
  • 11 Inches High on Stand
  • 8 Inches High Without Stand
  • Perfect for Any Desktop, or, for Very, Very Small Greek Warriors
  • Hand-Made from Distressed Metal and Roughened Even More for that Battle-Worn Look
  • With Real Horse-Hair Crest (No Horses Were Harmed)
  • Perfect on Desktops, Bookshelves, Niches and Car Hoods. Okay, Not Car Hoods.
  • Fantastic Corporate Gift, Wedding Gift, Military Gift, Trophy or Award
King Leonidas of the Spartans led 300 of his best warriors to Thermopylae, where he held off hundreds of thousands of Persian soldiers for days while the rest of Greece organized their militaries and prepared for the invasion. Common lore says that before the battle began, a Persian emissary offered the Spartans a chance to surrender.
"Spartans," he said. "Throw down your weapons!"
Leonidas, crouching behind his shield in the famous Greek Phalanx, shouted back, "Persians, come and take them!"
The exchange was actually between Leonidas and Xerxes, in an exchange of letters, but it still holds as one of the most bad-assed responses in history. So bad-assed, in fact, that the Greek First Army uses Leonidas' defiant response as their motto: Molon Labe (ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ in Greek).

This mini helmet celebrates the unimaginably courageous Spartans that stood their ground, buying time for the rest of Greece. It's a gorgeous, miniature representation of the stylized helmets worn in the Zach Snyder movie, 300, and the Frank Miller graphic novel from which the movie was made. The helm is made from metal that has undergone torturous processes of discoloration and weathering for a fresh-from-the-battle-field look. The black crest is made from real horse hair (okay, sometimes donkey hair, too), and no, the horses were not harmed in any way. Nor the donkeys.

If you select a variation with engraving, just type your engraving text in the customization box. For sigils, let us know which you want in the order comments box. With custom graphics, send us a message and we'll get the dialog started!

Our personalized Spartan helmets are perfect as office gifts, awards, military gifts, wedding presents or favors, or just astoundingly cool decor for any room.
We've got them here so... you know... Come and Take Them.