Custom-Engraved, Personalized Christian Crusader Dagger

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  • One or Two Lines of Free Text Engraving Included!
  • Beautifully Sculpted and Cast Embelishments
  • Pommel is Engraved and Enameled with the Crusader Cross
  • Stylish Coat of Arms Cast into the Shield-Shaped Ecusson
  • Sheath Adorned with Polished Steel Tip and Throat
  • Add an optional Frame of Divider Graphic (see product images for choices)
  • Upgrade to LIGHTSTORMâ„¢ Deep Engraving for a Truly Masterful Look
The Templars were, at the start, an order of Christian knights patrolling the Holy Lands. A sort of mercenary security force that protected the Middle East. Think of Army Rangers in armor, with ZZ Top beards and the Pope as their commander and you've got the right idea.

The Christian Crusader Dagger is an homage to those rugged knights who fought for their faith in a strange, inhospitable land. The dagger is 15 1/4" long, overall, with a 9 1/2", mirror-polished, stainless-steel blade (unsharpened). The ecusson (that little shield bit at the junction of the guards) is adorned with a stylish coat of arms, and the pommel bears a deeply-carved Crusader cross that has been enameled red. The grip is wrapped in black leather and spiraled with a braided wire for better grip and more handsome appearance.

We'll engrave the blade for you, with one or two lines of text. If you want something fancier engraved, send us a note. We can add graphics, logos, glitter. Whatever you want. Um. Okay, not glitter.