Personalized Roman Gladius: Mainz-Style Calas Gladius with Free Engraving, Optional Grip-wrap, and Choice of Engraving Styles!

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***Sorry... leather cord wraps are no longer available. ***
• Free Custom Text-Engraving!
• Upgrade to LIGHTSTORM™ Deep Engraving for an Heirloom-Quality Look
• Beautiful Wasp-Waisted Gladius in the Style of the Famous Mainz Gladius Found in Germany
• Handsome Grip of Polished Hardwood with Luxurious Brass Spacers
• 20" High-Carbon-Steel Blade (Unsharpened)
• Comes with a Leather-bound Hardwood Sheath That Features Brass Cap and Tips (And Two Belt Hoops)
• Optional Silk Grip-Wrap in a Variety of Colors Available
• Add Optional Graphics! Our "Sigil" images or Your Custom Graphics

***Free Text Engraving on this Roman Gladius! You can also add an optional frame or divider graphic, a deep-engraved sigil, or your own custom image. And as if that wasn't enough, you can choose a custom grip-wrap style and our exclusive LIGHTSTORMâ„¢ deep engraving service (see below for more on that). If you choose a custom image, please contact us to discuss the image. If you choose a "Sigil" image, please let us know which on in the personalization box. ****

• If you want only your free text on the blade, select the "Text Only" variation, then select your font and enter your text in the personalization box. (Font choices are located in the product images)

• If you want a frame or dividers around your text, choose "Text+Frame/Divider" (You can see your frame or divider choices in the product images). Then tell us which one you want in the personalization box, along with the text you want engraved. Don't forget to pick your font!

• If you want a sigil graphic with your text, select the sigil from the sigil images, pick your font, then enter your text and which sigil you want in the personalization box.

• If you want LIGHTSTORM™ Deep Engraving (Good Choice!) select a "LIGHTSTORM™ variation, select a font, and type your text in the personalization field. If you want to choose a frame, knock yourself out. When you regain consciousness, pick a frame and let us know what it is in... yes, the personalization box, along with your text. If you don't select a frame, we'll pick one that looks great with your engraving.

About LIGHTSTORMâ„¢ Deep Engraving:
Mantra Immortal uses high-powered lasers to burn away the metal around your text. Yeah, lasers! I know right? We’re talking Han Solo type stuff. Except Han can’t engrave text on a sword blade, can he? Our lasers also create intricate patterns around the text, adding depth, elegance and stimulating contrast. The result? Gorgeous engravings that make any gift look like an heirloom. We don’t know of anyone else customizing their products in this fashion. LIGHTSTORM™ comes with a free frame around your text and a free sigil (if you want).

ENGRAVING TIPS**********************************

WIth this method, the engraving is etched into the metal, then finished with a blackening process for maximum contrast. Looks great and doesn’t cost much.

This is an exclusive Mantra Immortal technique that turns metal into art! The text or image is raised, with an engraved pattern background, all set within a frame. If you select this style (lucky you!) then we suggest placing the most important words in the frame (maximum of seven or eight words, really) and adding the remainder of the text along the bottom or top (or both) in standard engraving.

1. If you have a lot of text, try to choose a font that isn’t too fancy. Fancier fonts are great for titles or short engravings, but they can be hard to read in bulk. Ever try to read four lines of text in “Season of the Witch?” It’s what aneurysms are made of.

2. If you’re using a fancier font, for the love of all that is holy, please don’t capitalize every letter! Old English is a lovely font, but it looks awful in all caps. Seriously. We have actual nightmares of all-capital Old English chasing us around a haunted house with Comic Sans cheering it on.

3. If you’re using more than one font, take a good look at them to make sure they will look okay together. You can specify to us that you would like one line bold and another not bold, or make one line bigger than the other. That’s often a more efficient way to create contrast in your engraving.

4. Remember, the more text you have, the smaller that text has to be. Not that there’s anything wrong with small text, but if you want text that is readable from a distance, try to limit the length of your engraving.

5. Not sure how to set up your engraving? No worries! Just give us your text, pick a font if you want, and tell us to have at it! We’ll use our thirty years of graphic design experience to create the most aesthetically pleasing engraving possible.