Personalized Samurai Sword - Hand-Forged, Heron Katana

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Herons don't get enough credit. These graceful birds possess unmatched agility and stealth. Their patience while hunting is legendary. And, when they strike, they rarely miss. This beautiful, hand-forged katana was forged with these qualities in mind: Speed, stealth, patience and a lethal strike.

The Heron Katana is crafted with a rugged, differentially tempered high-carbon steel. What's that differentially thing I mentioned? Well, when a proper katana is tempered, clay is used to keep the back of the blade springy, while hardening the cutting edge for maximum sharpening potential. That's what creates that wavy line along the edge.

The Heron Katana is a functional weapon, hand-forged from high-carbon steel with a full tang. The steel tsuba (hand-guard for those of you that fell asleep during Samurai Sword class in High School) features an elegant web of steel that calls to mind feathers (you know, 'cause heron). The grip is made from genuine simulated rayskin. We like to call it rayskin-esque. The wrap is made from a rugged, braided nylon. An enameled wooden sheath comes with this engravable Sword. Oh, and you get a handy, black-cotton carry/storage bag with the Heron Katana.

This is an ideal sword for entry-level cutting, or for displaying in the home, with your personalized message gleaming on the blade. Or as a gift for that really agile, stealthy, patient, deadly friend. And if you don't have one of those, they make great birthday gifts, groomsmen gifts, corporate gifts, or Easter basket stuffers. Okay. Maybe you don't want to put it in an Easter basket. But it would look great under a Christmas tree...