Personalized Viking Sword - Trondheim Gold-Giver Arming Sword with Free Text Engraving

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  • Beautiful Reproduction of the Petersen Type E Viking Sword Found in Trondheim
  • Authentic High-Carbon Steel Blade with Ample Room for Engraving
  • Up to 100 Characters of Free Engraving
  • Optional Deep-Engraving and Custom Image Engraving
  • Classy and Stylish Perforations on the Brass Guard and Pommel
  • 39-Inch Overall Length
  • Hardwood Sheath Wrapped in Two-Tone Leather, with Leather Belt Straps
  • Leather Wrapped Wood Grip

Viking warriors always followed leaders who they knew could bring them gold and silver. These "gold-givers" were powerful warlords, skilled fighters and gifted generals. They could lead victorious assaults against towns and cities and provide mountains of plunder to their followers. These leaders were often identifiable by their stylish dress, golden armbands, and, yes, their beautifully crafted swords.

This Viking sword is a replica of a 9th century weapon unearthed in Trondheim, Norway. It's most notable features are the guard and single-lobed pommel, both made from brass that has been perforated in stylish patterns. The 32-inch (unsharpened) blade is made from high-carbon steel and sports a shallow fuller down the center. The wooden grip is wrapped in a rich black leather. The sheath is also made from hardwood and luxuriously wrapped in two colors of leather. Leather belt straps allow the sword to be worn around the waist without a frog (holder).