LIGHTSTORM™ Deep Engraving

LIGHTSTORM™ Deep Engraving - Sword


  • The less text, the better it looks

  • Split up your text so that the important parts are deep engraved, and the rest can be engraved normally underneath. This makes for a nice contrast.

  • You get a free frame! Select from frames 1 through four on the frames image (you’ll find this image on the product page, just scroll through the images until you see it.)

  • Choose thick, easily readable fonts, We’ve highlighted some of the best choices for LIGHTSTORM™ on the fonts image (See above, but replace “frames image” with “fonts image.”

  • Got questions? Send us an email. We’re quick to respond and only slightly deranged!

Mantra Laser and Mantra Custom Gifts have introduced a special deep-engraving system that makes any item look like a masterwork. The engraving not only looks magnificent, but feels luxurious to the touch.


Mantra Immortal uses high-powered lasers to burn away the metal around your text. Yeah, lasers! I know right? We’re talking Han Solo type stuff. Except Han can’t engrave text on a sword blade, can he? Yeah, our lasers are cooler than Han-freakin-Solo. Those same groovy lasers also create intricate patterns around the text, adding depth, elegance and stimulating contrast. Think of those patterns as “visual Viagra.” Yeah, they make your eyes want sexy time. Or… something. Whatever the effect, the result is that items we deep engrave are unique and have a much more professional appearance. In fact, we don’t know of anyone else customizing their products in this fashion. And if anyone somehow figures out our proprietary formula for creating these masterpieces, you can bet they’ll charge a fortune.


It’s simple!

  1. Find an item on our sight that you love. I know, it’s hard to pick just one (the good news: you don’t have to! Pick as many as you want!).

  2. On the product page, find the drop-down menu that says “Engraving style.”

  3. Select “LIGHTSTORM™ Deep Engraving from the list.

  4. Quietly marvel at how inexpensively we’re offering this service for.

  5. Type your text in the Text Customization Field

  6. Feel Free to change your font to whatever you want

  7. Add standard-engraved text above and/or below the deep-engraved text (just type in the appropriate text fields).

  8. Check out.

  9. Throw on some Kool and the Gang and CELEBRATE! You’re done. Easy peasy. Bob’s your uncle.