Mantra Immortal - Engraved Gifts, Personalized Decor, Medieval Gifts and More!


Mantra Laser is not your typical personalized-gifts site. We're like the Indiana Jones of the gift industry, forever searching out those rare, mysterious and hard to find gifts. In fact, sometimes, the government takes our personalized gifts, because they look so rare and mystical. We ask for our stuff back, and they assure us that "top men" are working on getting them to us. That’s a little frustrating. Anyway, we also carry a whip, Like Indiana Jones. Okay, we don't carry a whip. But we’re totally scared of snakes.

Um… so… are you looking for personalized statues of historical figures? We've got you covered. Need a dozen custom-engraved medieval reproductions for groomsmen's gifts? We're your company. A beautiful, customized paperweight, deep-engraved with your company logo, with a silk grip-wrap and gold-colored text? We’re your Huckleberry. LED-lighted false teeth with scroll-work filigree? We're... um... well, we've got “top men” working on that one.

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