Bronzed Bull and Bear Statue - Stock Market Decor

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**Add a base with a custom-engraved plate to this Wall Street inspired statue! Just select.**

It's a bull market!
Love dabbling in the Stock Market? Know an investor who does? This is the perfect statue for any Wall Street lover. A beautifully stylized sculpture of a bull kicking a bear while it's down. Or goring it, anyway. Does it matter? It's just a metaphor for rising stocks!

This classy statue makes the perfect addition to any room (buy two for awe-inspiring bookends!). The master artist has given the dominant bull a regal, confident bearing with one hoof on the struggling bear's throat, and the horns ready to deliver the KO. Both animals are brilliantly stylized, and coated with a layer of cold-cast bronze for quality and shine. This isn't a cheap plastic toy--it's a magnificent statue that weighs in at nearly three pounds! Add a base with your custom text engraved on a plate to immortalize this gift.

Bring the permanent luck of a bull market into someone's life (even if that someone is you)! There's no better gift than the gift of rising fortunes.

Height (w/o base): 6 1/2 Inches
Length (w/o base): 7 inches
Width (w/o base): 3 1/2 inches

Materials: Cold Cast Bronze,High Quality Resin