Bronzed St. Michael the Archangel Taking Lucifer Down

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**Add a personalized marble base to turn this sculpture into a gorgeous gift, trophy, or award! Just select the Customized Base variation**

St. Michael, patron saint of police officers, is part of our Celucia Trophy and Awards line. This sculpture is seven inches high and packed with incredible details of God's greatest general in the War of Heaven. That's right. St. Michael, the soldier-angel who threw Satan down to Hell, in all his winged, armored glory.

The St. Michael the Archangel statue/bookend is meticulously sculpted and handcrafted with the finest of details, then finished with an innovative cold-cast layer of bronze. Hints of color are then hand-painted onto each statue--just enough to add warmth, style and life without looking garish.

This isn't a cheesy plastic toy. This is a heavy, high-quality sculpture that feels as elegant as it looks. Choose the marble-base variation if you want to add custom text!

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