Bronze-coated Cleopatra the Harpist Statue. Oh, and Empress of the Nile

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**Add a personalized base to turn this sculpture into a gorgeous gift, trophy, or award! Just select the Customized Base variation**

Cleopatra. Ruler of Egypt. Naval Commander. Linguist. Medical author. Julius Caesar's baby momma. And, of course, harpist.

This exquisite trophy captures the stately beauty of the woman who wooed an emperor, won a kingdom, and died a legend. Cleopatra had been masterfully carved, with every fold of her skirt and every decorative embellishment visible. But a *treu artist is about more than just physical details. A treu artist is about acting strange, going without sleep for days, and selling art at expensive New York galleries. Okay, not funny. What I meant to say is that a treu artist is about capturing the spirit of the subject, and the craftsman that created this Cleopatra certainly knew her business. Or his business. Or their business. Business was known by someone, at any rate, because this statue totally radiates the majestic beauty of this historical Nile Queen.

Cleopatra's right hand is poised elegantly against the strings of her harp, the left curled gently against her chest. We'd point out all the details on the statue, but we'd be writing for years. We can draw your attention to a few of the highlights--the cobra arm bands, the winged headdress, the burnished belt... even the sandals bear meticulously detailed scarab beetles.

Cleopatra makes an elegant and regal gift, with or without the personalizable... personable...personificatable... the customizable marble base. She also makes a stunning bookend, trophy or award.

Cleopatra the Harpist is part of our Celucia decor line. Each statue is meticulously sculpted and handcrafted with the finest of details then finished with an innovative cold-cast layer of bronze. Hints of color are then hand-painted onto each statue--just enough to add warmth, style and life without looking garish. This isn't a cheesy plastic toy. This is a heavy, high-quality sculpture that feels as elegant as it looks. Choose the marble-base variation if you want to add custom text!

Materials: Cold Cast Bronze,Polyurethane Base Sculpt