Copper Cube Paperweight

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Copper Cubes. So simple. But so unbelievably luxurious to hold. These things have a reassuring heft, a beautiful look and they're healthy for you! Yes, copper has both anti-inflamatory and antioxidant properties, which  are said to help joint pain. Copper is also an essential micro-nutrient when it comes to healthy blood, muscle and joint systems. 

When you're having a bad day, take the cube off your desk, hold it in your hand, takea  deep breath and let the copper do it's work.

But you won't be thinking about the health benefits of copper when you look at this gorgeous paperweight. You'll be thinking about the individually personalized facets. That's right. It comes with free engraving on one face, but you can add an engraving to any of the other faces, or all of the other faces. Each face can be personalized with whatever you want! Choose images from our sigil graphics (see product images), or upload your own custom graphics, or a combination of both. Or, engrave a word or a monogram. The choice is yours!