Custom-Engraved Gift Box/Presentation Case - Knives

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You've got the gift picked out and bought. Just the right thing! But a trip through the CVS gift-wrap aisle leaves you a little underwhelmed. Gift bags take away the value of the gift. Regular gift boxes are too generic. What's a gifter to do? Glad you asked!

This leatherette-lid gift box is a handsome, classy presentation case for any suitably sized gift (box is 7 3/4" x 6" x 2 1/4"). And, best of all, we'll custom engrave it with whatever text you want! (as long as you keep it to three lines of 75 characters or less each, please and thanks!). Pick a frame or dividers to complement your text and we'll personalize the lid with elegant gold text. Want to add a sigil graphic (check out the sigil graphics in the product images)? Select the sigil variation when ordering. Want to add a custom graphic? We can help you out!

If you're buying this for a knife bought on Mantra Immortal, please specify which knife so we can custom cut the foam for it. If you want it for an item bought elsewhere, give us the dimensions and we'll cut a square or circle for the item to fit into. Or, just remove one of the three layers of foam and set the item into the box freely.

Materials: Leatherette Lid, Coated and Painted Cardboard Body