Custom Adventure Portrait on Canvas - Become Any Character Type in Any Setting

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**Once you've selected your options, tell us in the order comments what kind of character and setting you'd like!**

Do you dream of being a superhero? A pirate? A spy or medieval knight? Well, it's time to fake it till you make it. Or until your dreams wither and die like old roses. Um... Anyway, you can put yourself--or anyone you want--into a completely unique fantasy portrait of your choosing! That's right, completely unique. We don't give you a handful of images to choose from. *You* tell *us* what setting and character you want and we'll create it, using a combination of AI and good ol' human digital artistry.

You'll get to choose from three completely unique images made *just for you.* No one else will have the same image with their faces on it. They're all one-of-a-kind images. After you select the image, we'll render that image onto canvas (for that upscale, art gallery look), stretch it over a 3/4" frame, and send it to your home! Hang that puppy on the wall and show everyone that your dreams are *so* not dead, yet!

*****HOW DOES THIS AMAZING THING WORK? (The Cliff's Notes Version)
Send a good quality image of the person (persons) you want in the artwork, facing as close to forward as possible. No hats or anything that blocks any part of the face. 
Tell us in a fairly general way about the character and setting you'd like (i.e., I'd like to be a Roman Emperor with the city of ancient Rome in the background). Please don't add a lot of detail.
Available sizes/pricing is on the dropdown. Also, choose how many people you want in the image.
Go through the check-out process and we'll send you choices within 3 business days.
Pick your favorite of the three final images. If you like them all, we offer discounts on multiple canvas prints. If you don't like any of them, we can offer another three choices for $30. We'll send you your image choice as a canvas print. If you really, really love one image but want something changed, the print we send will be a lifelong and wonderful lesson on patient acceptance and non-attachment. Okay, we can maybe touch it up for you or try to fix something on it, but we have to charge a custom fee (from $25 to $75 depending on the extent of the change. We're happy to sell you the digital versions of your image for $20 per image.

*****HOW DOES THIS AMAZING THING WORK? (The full version)
Send us an image of the person (or persons) you want us to transmogrify. The person in the image should be facing forward (or close to forward). No hats please, unless they leave the forehead and eyes completely untouched and unshadowed. Glasses may or may not work, so avoid them if you can. If the photo is too small, we'll send you a message saying "Hey, the photo is too small." You'll have to find another photo and send it to us and it'll delay everything and cause great despair. So try to get an image that is medium to large in size. Read the last three sentences again and substitute the words "bad quality" for small. (We know. It's not grammatically correct. Go with it.) Oh, and replace the last sentence with: So make sure the image looks good, with nothing blocking any part of the face and no weird digital crap distorting the image.
Tell us what you want. I know it's tempting to view this in an general way and talk about your hopes and dreams, but we're specifically talking about the setting and characters for the image. So, something like, "I want George to be a pirate, on his ship, in the high seas," or "Please make me a race car driver who just won the Grand Prix," would work. Try not to make it too specific. So, "I'd like to be a medieval knight with armor engraved in paisley swirls and a falcata in one hand and a spear in the other with a shield that has the head of a quasit engraved on it-- oh, and my trusty companion Gruge, the griffon, by my side," would soooooo not work. Just try to keep it general: "A knight with engraved armor beside a griffon" would work far better.
This is the easiest step (for most people). Just select the size you want from the size dropdown and the number of subjects from the Number of Subjects dropdown.
Go through the check out process, making sure you filled out all the choices. Please let us know your phone number or a good email to reach you at.
You'll receive three unique, one-of-a-kind images within 3 business days (usually within 1-2). Pick the image you like best from them. Like them all equally? We have discounts for multiple prints (sorry to enable your indecisiveness). In the rare event that you don't like any of the three, you can buy another three mockups for $30. It takes time for us to make these images as we digitally touch up and process the images by (digital) hand. And really, most people love all three images. If you don't like any of them, maybe it's not the images, if you get what we mean. Joke! Totally joking.
And by profit, we mean, add to the richness of your life and home. Once we get your image choice, we'll render the image onto canvas, stretch it over a 3/4" frame, and send it lovingly to its forever home. Sometimes we have a going away party. There is cake. And tears.