Custom Coat of Arms, 3D Sculpted in a Metal Shield, Mounted or with Foam Backing

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Create your family coat of arms, or any coat of arms really, or your company logo in a really cool way. Or, if you changed your name to a symbol (a la Prince), show off your new graphic to the world. The possibilities are endless. Best of all, you get to use our Glorious Coat-of-Arms-inator to interactively make your design! (Yeah, names aren't really our thing).  

You'll have the option to upload your own coat-of-arms graphic or have us look through our database to find your coat of arms. If you have your graphic, you can upload it using the "File Upload" button below. 

You can keep your coat of arms un-mounted (paperweight style) or you can mount it in a shadowbox. 

Coats-of-Arms are about 5" high. They're made out of a polished aluminum-alloy about .375". The metal is antiqued for contrast and coolness. They have a nice heft to them, too (about 1/2 a pound without the shadowbox).

Looking for something different? Ask us about unit patches, corporate logos, and custom awards/gifts made in whatever shape you like! Oh, and we offer a His/Hers coat of arms presentation for weddings.