Custom-engravable, Bronze-Finished Valkyrie-Rising Viking Statue

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This bronzed statue comes with your choice of engraved bases (or no bases at all. In which case, all your base are belong to us. Um...) Scroll through the product images until you see the base selection image and find one you like, then select that base when you order!

There probably isn't anything much more bad-ass than a Norse Valkyrie. Beautiful, godlike, warrior-woman who descend from Valhalla and decide which warriors will live and and die upon the battle field. Their name, Valkyrja, literally means "chooser of the slain." Kind of a bitter-sweet thing, really, to have a beautiful woman choose you, only to learn that you've been chose to die. Well, it ain't all bad. You get to party in a great heavenly mead hall with all the warriors who have died before you. Until Ragnarok, the war at the end of the world, when all the dead warriors and the Valkyries will ride into battle as the earth is destroyed. Such a cheerful theology.

This statue is a gorgeous reproduction of the Valkyrie named "Mist." She is caught in mid-leap, clouds exploding from her heel, body taut and ready for a fight. A long spear rests in her right hand, angled expertly, a battle-scarred shield held in her left. The sculpt is masterful, with rich details and beautiful, Norse embellishments on most of her gear.

The Valkyrie Rising statue is sculpted from a high-quality poly-carbonate, which is then bronzed using a cold-cast technique that retains even the most minute of details -- from the feathers of her winged helmet to the scrollwork on the dagger sheath on her hip.

Want to personalize this statue? Choose your base style (scroll through the images for pictures of the base styles) and let us know what you want engraved. It makes a fantastic gift for lovers of Norse mythology, powerful women, collectors of beautiful things, or for that friend you just *know* would be the first to die on the battlefield. But... but in a *good* way.
I think.