Ornate Iberian Falcata Sword with Lion Head Pommel - Made in Spain

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• Free Text Engraving!
• Absolutely Stunning Craftmanship on this Toledo-forged Falcata
• 29.5” in Glorious Overall Length
• Mirror-Polished 420 Stainless-Steel Blade
• Beautiful Curved and Scalloped Pommel that Ends in Sculpted Lion's Head
• Faux Ivory Grip Gleams with Blue and Red Hues
• Add Optional Graphics or Your Own Images to the Blade
• Beautiful Flared and Curving Blade, Perfect for Engraving
• Pommel and Guard Made from Weathered Brass
• Add A Silk Wrap to the Polycarbonate Black Grip for Added Stylishness

***Free Text Engraving! You can also add an optional frame or divider or sigil graphic, or your own custom image. This item is eligible for optional LIGHTSTORM™ deep engraving, which comes with a frame of your choice. ***

Have you ever longed for the striking power of an axe in the form of a long-edged sword? I have. I would probably call it a swaxe, or maybe an aord, so it’s a good thing I’m not responsible for naming such things. The falcata is a double-curved sword with a blade that is angled forward. Why the double curve? Why the forward angle? Do keep up. Because the design of this weapon gives it a powerful strike—with enough force to rival an axe blow.

The falcata was first used by Iberians (Spaniards to you and me), and it was used with such power and skills that it terrified the Roman legions. So, it's fitting that our gorgeous falcata was made in Toledo, Spain. The design is breathtaking, with a wide, curving blade made from mirror-polished 420 stainless steel. The pommel is made from weathered brass, scalloped for style and topped with a stylized, steel lion's head. The guard, also made from weathered brass, curls delightfully into a circular boss.

This is a fantastic gift for history lovers, or anyone that loves beautiful, masterfully designed things. Add a free text engraving for wow-factor personalization! And if you really want to make a splash, try our LIGHTSTORM™ Deep Engraving (see images for example). You can also add an optional sigil graphic from our library (see images for sigil library) or a custom graphic of your own.