Medieval Knight Bookends - Bronzed Crusader Statue, Guarding Portal (and books)

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  • Free Text Engraving!
  • Bookend is Coated in Cold-Cast Bronze!
  • Sold as a Single Bookend, or as a Set
  • Heavy and Powerful, as a Knight (or bookend) Should Be!
  • Masterfully Sculpted! Absolutely beautiful details.
  • Sort of Made by Chuck Norris Himself!
  • (Chuck Norris Did Not Make This Statue. Our Copywriter is Making Stuff Up)
  • Made By a Guy Named Charles Norris, Who Has Nothing To Do With the Famous Chuck Norris
  • (Yeah, that's not tr(e)u either. Our copywriter is an idiot).

A long time ago (early 12th century for you sticklers) an order of knights named The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon was created.

Hmm. I'm sure the name sounds much snappier in it's original Latin: Pauperes commilitones Christi Templique Salomonici. Uh... no, it sounds kinda clunky whatever the language.

Fortunately, there was nothing clunky about the way these knights fought. They quickly became the most lethal fighting force in Christendom. Their enemies trembled when these knights uttered their famous catchphrase: "I am the vengeance. I am the night." Wait... no, that's Batman's catchphrase. Whatever. What I'm trying to say is that these were some of the most skilled warriors in history. And what better way to guard your prized books than with one of these bad-asses?

There are two versions of this bookend. The one featured here wears a Norman-style nasal helmet and carries a enormous tower shield. He wields a hand-and-a-half sword, which is known in the seedier areas of town as a 'bastard sword.' The knight on the other bookend wears a greathelm and carries a two-handed war sword.

You can purchase a single bookend of either style, or you can purchase one of each as a set, or two of the same knight as a set. Or you can buy 200 of them and leave them around the world with messages of hope and goodwill. We don't mind. BUYING THEM AS A SET IS THE BEST DEAL, AS YOU SAVE MONEY, and, really, a row of books has two sides, so... just sayin'.

Okay, so this bookend is not your standard bookshelf. Sure, you can have it custom engraved, to immortalize your words. But these are works of art! The statues are sculpted masterfully from composite materials, then finished (also masterfully) with a layer of cold-cast bronze. That's right. Bronze. The bookends are heavy (as they should be) and glow with metallic beauty. Each one is hand painted, with just enough color to breathe life into the figures without adding garishness.

The Shield Knight is captured in mid-stride, one leg outstretched on the stairs, chin jutting forward. He is braced for assault, with single-minded focus on protecting the door behind him. And where does that door lead? To your books, silly! Yeah, he's *that* dedicated to protecting your literature. The details on this sculpture are incredible. From the rippled fabric of his tabard to every chain link of the meticulously sculpted mail armor. Even the door and doorway frame are rendered in intricate detail.