Siren's Song Mermaid Knife, Personalized Ocean Blue Folding Knife

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  • Free Text Engraving!
  • Beautiful Shining Blue Finish
  • 8-inch Folder Knife that Once Belonged to Davy Jones himself!
  • Um... Our Lawyers Said We Can't Say It Belonged to Davy Jones, So We Won't, But We Might Just Infer It
  • Masterfully Sculpted Image of an Underwater Mermaid Reaching Toward the Surface
  • Her Dolphin Companion Swims Playfully Beside Her, Reporting Her Movements to the Dolphin Confederacy on Venus
  • 3.5-inch Surgical Stainless Steel Blade, Plated for an Awesome Iridescent Gleam
  • A Golden Clamshell Has Been Affixed to the Base of the Blade
  • Swirling, Wave-lines Have Been Etched Across the Spine of the Blade
  • Wanna Impress Someone? Add a Personalized Leatherette Gift Case!

***Free Text Engraving! Up to 50 characters on the iridescent blade. Want a beautiful, custom-engraved and custom cut presentation case with a leatheresque top? You can get it here.***

Who doesn't love mermaids? They look like Amber Heard or Darryl Hannah, live for hundreds of years, date Jason Momoa, and can live on land or in the water. Owning this gorgeous, ocean blue knife is *exactly* like being a mermaid, without the breathing underwater stuff, and the long, glamorous fish tail, and the incredible lifespan.

The knife is 8 inches in overall length, with a breathtaking, shimmering blue-plating and masterfully sculpted mermaid artwork. A clip on the back allows for convenient stowing, and a small, golden clamshell on the spine adds a touch of whimsical decoration. It's a fantastic gift for anyone who loves mermaids, or water, or dolphins, or Amber Heard. To be honest, it's great for anyone who loves beautiful things!

If you're giving the Siren's Song Folding Knife as a gift, you might want to consider the optional (and customizable) leatherette gift-case. It's classy and allows you to add another few lines of your very own custom text. Just visit this link to add the case. Simples!