Noble Dueling Dagger - "Main Gauche" - with Gorgeous Scroll-work

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• Free Text Engraving!
• Beautiful Reproduction of a 16th Century Parrying Dagger
• Crossguard and Pommel Etched with Stately Scroll Patterns
• Blade Features Perforated-Squares Pattern for Reduced Weight and Style
• 16" Overall length
• 10 1/2" Stainless Steel Blade (Sharpened)
• Steel Trap-Ring with Scroll-work Etching Attached to Guard for Blade Entangling
• Comes with a Leather-Wrapped Hardwood Sheath
• Try LIGHTSTORM™ Deep Engraving for a Tr(e)uly Legendary Look

Humans have two hands, so why duel with only one weapon? Seems a bit inefficient, doesn't it? That's why, somewhere in the 15th-16th centuries, the parrying dagger was introduced. Main gauche is French, it's pronounced "May-en Ga-oosh" and it means "the primary place where you sit in the living room." Wait a minute. Google Translate actually says it means "Left Hand." Okay, so maybe Google's French is slightly better than mine. But I digress. "Left Hand," meaning, the weapon you hold in your left hand while dueling. For centuries, duelists fought with these types of daggers in their off hand to parry with (and if they didn't have a dagger, a cape or cloak could be used in the left hand to entangle an opponent's weapon).

As time went on, duelists combined the parrying abilities of the dagger with the entangling features of a cape by adding hoop or prongs to the dagger guards. These extensions could trap an opponent's blade, immobilizing the weapon. Talk about an awkward moment for the opponent. Thankfully, the moment would only last a second or so before the sweet release of death.

This particular Dueling Dagger (Main Gauche) is a gorgeous reproduction of a nobleman's parrying dagger from the 16th century. In fact, this is one of the most beautiful daggers we sell. It's decorated with elegant scrollwork along every inch of the guards, pommel and the stately trap ring that rises from the guards.

The hardwood grip is wrapped with thin, braided wire, for long-lasting traction. Above the grip, the etched pommel features a stylish sunburst, surrounded by ivy scrollwork. The forte of the stainless steel blade (section closest to the guards) is pierced with a pattern of squares, to make the blade lighter, and to accentuate the regal styling of the weapon. Engraving the 10 1/2" blade of this dagger is a dream, although engravings look best above or below the central fuller (or both).

The Noble Dueling Dagger comes with a lovely, leather-bound sheath that has matching scrollwork on metal embellishments at the throat and tip. The throat decorations mesh beautifully with the etched garnish on the guards when the blade is sheathed.

Show the world that you are both noble and deadly--buy the Noble Dueling Dagger today! It's much more useful than a French couch for your living room!