Spartan Sword of Leonidas (with customizable grip-wrap and choice of engraving styles)

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  • Free Text-Engraving included!
  • Free! Pick Your Own Customized Grip-Wrap: Hand-Dyed Silk or Leather Cord
  • Optional Divider/Frame Graphics Available
  • Choose Your Engraving Style! Standard or LIGHTSTORM™ Deep Engraving
  • 440 Stainless Steel Blade, Blackened with Artfully Exposed Edges
  • Brown Leather Sheath and Belt Included (Black Version Available)
  • 29" Overall Length, 21.5" Blade Length

You think you're tough? Then tell me, what did you do the last time the Ephors told you you couldn't wage war against the Persians? Or against any civilization, for that matter? You probably just walked back home, kicking a rock and crying. Well, King Leonidas of the Spartans reacted a little differently, pal. King Leonidas called up 300 of his closest buddies and walked all the way to Thermopylae to kick some sand in the face of the Persian Emperor Xerses (and his 500,000 warriors).

Leonidas and his 300(ish) warriors, massively outnumbered, held the Persians off for three days, fighting so fiercely that a statue of him was erected at Thermopylae, and stands there still. This sword is tribute to Leonidas--the king who held a God-Emperor's army at bay, and gave the Greek forces time to prepare for the Persian advance.

The sword of King Leonidas is beautifully shaped, with a blackened stainless-steel blade and exposed edges for a lethal, two-tone appearance. The blade is 21.5" long, with broad areas perfect for engraving, and the overall length of the sword is 29". As in the movie and graphic novel '300,' the metal guards bracket the hand in a simple...dare I say Spartan... way. A simple wrap of flat leather covers the hardwood grip, and while this is perfectly acceptable, you're welcome to customize this wrap with any of our hand-dyed silk wraps or our rounded leather cord wraps.

The sword comes with a brown leather sheath and belt.