Wild-Elven Dagger with Silk Grip-Wrap

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  • New! Upgrade to GLOWING Text! Yeah, GLOWING!
  • Elven Fantasy Dagger with Savage Beauty
  • 16.75 Inches Long Overall
  • 11-inch Stainless Steel Blade (unsharpened) -- Wide, Curved and Perfect for Engraving!
  • Scimitar-Like Curves with Gorgeous Flared TIp
  • Leather-Textured, Hard Sheath Made from ABS Polymer Protects the Blade
  • Cast-Metal Throat and Chape Decorations for That Refined Yet Wild-At-Heart Look
  • Black Cotton Cord for Looping Dagger onto Belt. Or, Heck, a Loincloth. We won't judge.
  • Comes with Taper-Stitched, Silk Grip Wrap in a Variety of Colors for a Ferociously Unique Style
*** GLOWING TEXT Can only be added to Standard Engraving. Select Standard Engraving if you want the glow text then, in the upgrades section, check the Glowing Text checkbox***

      If you ask most people, they'll tell you that elves are peaceful, elegant race of creatures that wander the earth singing, healing and spouting cryptic prophesies. But, deep in the heart of the thickest forests live the wild elves. These creatures aren't cuddly and giggly like Keebler elves. They don't work for Santa and absolutely *no one* is gonna shove them onto any shelf. The Wild Elves are hunters, lethal and proud. Silent as shadows in the forest, and swift as falcons on the dive. They decide their own destiny, and will never kneel to anyone.

      This dagger is a tribute to the blades carried by these bold creatures. The unsharpened blade is wide and curved for fast slashes and compactness, with a wickedly flared tip. It's a perfect surface for our laser-engravers--wide and just begging for personalized text or graphics (did we mention that text engraving is free?).

      The matching sheath on this dagger is made from a hard polymer that's textured to mimic the look of blackened leather, and protects blade and engraving from even the worst of drops. Elven-style, cast-metal embellishments at the tip and throat add style without taking away from the fierce look of the weapon. A black, cotton cord slips through two eyelets in the throat for easy hanging on belts. The dagger's grip is made of the same ABS polymer as the sheath, and can be adorned with one of our optional taper-stitched, silk wraps (in a plethora of colors!).

      Grab one of these brutally refined daggers for the wild elf in your life. Or buy one for yourself, and get back in touch with your wild side.