Samurai Sword - Functional, Shoulder-Slung "Clan Sakai" Katana with Free Engraving!

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  • Gorgeous, Functional Samurai Sword with 100 Characters of Free Text Engraving
  • High-Carbon Steel, Full-Tang Blade for Functional Cutting
  • Rugged-Yet-Supple Leatheresque Grip and Saya (sheath)
  • Saya (sheath, in case you missed it above) Comes with Leather Back-Strap
  • Beautifully Sculpted Crane and Bamboo Patterns on the Tsuba (Guard)
  • Add One of Our Silk Grip-Wraps in a Plethora of Colors for that Stylish Warrior Look
  • Engrave One of Our Sigil Graphics on the Blade, or Provide Your Own Custom Graphic (both optional)
  • Eligible for our LIGHTSTORM™ Deep Custom Engraving Service!

If you've been playing The Ghosts of Tsushima video game, you may have wondered if the protagonist is based on a real historical figure. Jin Sakai, the samurai lord who you play as in the game, never really existed, but Clan Sakai did indeed exist in the 14th century. This leatherette wrapped samurai sword is named after that family, descendants of the famous Minamoto clan of Japan.

All swords are beautiful in our eyes (okay, maybe the Lord of the Rings Urukai orc swords are a little homely) but some swords stand a little higher on the beauty scale than others. The fully-functional Sakai Katana is absolutely gorgeous. It's 41" long, with a 28-inch, 1045 high-carbon steel blade that's perfect for engraving. The tsuka (grip, for the uninitiated) is wrapped in a supple but rugged leatherette, as is the saya (scabbard). Speaking of the saya, it comes with with a thick strap that allows this katana to be worn on the back. Rob actually wore one of these for an entire day at a renaissance festival and it was comfortable, light, and looked awesome.

The tsuba on this sword (guard) features a relief sculpt of a crane among bamboo, which is lovely and understated. One of the aspects of this sword that we love the best is the habaki (the metal joint that connects the blade to the tsuba). It's cast in a rose-gold color, with a stylish and textured pattern that tickles our artistic fancy.

You get 125 characters of free text-engraving on this katana. Feel free to upgrade to our beloved LIGHTSTORM™ deep engraving, which instantly turns a sword into an heirloom. You can also add one of our optional sigil graphics for a bit of style, or your own custom graphic.