Scorpion Lord Fantasy Dagger - with Magnetic Mount Plaque and Free Text Engraving

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• Free Text Engraving on the Blade!
• Optional Graphic Can Replace the Scorpion Image on Blade
• Fierce-looking Fantasy Dagger with Curving Grip that Mimics a Scorpions Tail
• Stunning Pattern Etching on Blackened, Stainless Blade
• Fiberglass Grip Imbued with Subtle Waves of Scorpion Colors
• 14 Inches Long Overall
• Comes with Unique, Magnetic Mount Plaque for Hook-Free Display on Wall or Desk
• Add Extra Customization with an Engraved Plate on the Plaque
• Scorpion Graphic on Blade
• Removable, Protective Rubber Guard on Pointed "Stinger" Pommel

***Free Text Engraving! ***

As if Scorpions aren't scary enough, I just re-learned the fact that they're closely related to spiders and ticks. Just Great.

So, this majestically terrifying dagger represents three of my most feared creatures. And it doesn't disappoint. It's equal parts stunning and frightening, with a wickedly curved grip and menacingly arched blade. The grip is segmented, like a scorpion's tail, and the stainless steel blade is etched with fascinating, almost tribal, patterns and a scorpion graphic. If you want to replace the scorpion graphic with one of our sigils or a custom graphic, select one of the optional variations (sigil choices are in the product images).

The curved "tail" grip is made from semi-translucent fiberglass and worked with colorful-but-subtle waves of scorpion colors. The "stinger" at the end of the grip is finished in a golden-hued, pointed tip. It's a fierce-looking dagger, perfect for cosplay or display.

An awesome feature of this dagger is that it comes with a curved mounting plaque. The plaque features a magnetic dot that holds the blade securely with no need for hooks. You get an unobstructed view of the blade and your engraving!