Custom-Engraved, Scottish Dirk - Celtic Style w/ Blue Faux Sapphire

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  • Comes with Free Text Engraving and Optional Graphic Engraving
  • Masterfully Designed Scottish Dirk with Celtic Scrollwork Grip
  • Beautiful Faux Sapphire Embedded in Pommel
  • 9" Overall Length
  • 4 1/2" Sharpened Stainless-Steel Dagger Blade
  • Matching Enameled Sheath is Capped with Decorative Antiqued Metal
  • Add an Optional, Custom-Engraved Gift Box for a Beautiful Presentation
  • Or, Add a Custom-engravable Dagger Stand for Tabletop Displaying
  • Available in Other Colors - See Links Below

Free Text Engraving! You can also add an optional frame or divider graphic, a sigil,  or your own custom image. This item is eligible for optional LIGHTSTORMâ„¢ deep engraving (see below for more on that). 

***Looking for a way to display this? Check out our knife/dagger display stand with optional custom-engraving***

In a culture where most people could not afford a sword, the Scottish dirk became the symbol of strength and loyalty. In fact, the dirk became so sacred to the Scots that they would swear all their oaths upon the steel of the weapon. That's right, to the Scots, the steel dirk was like a Bible. They used the daggers for everything--from cutting meat at dinner to eviscerating an English soldier.

The dirk was often paired with the smaller, stealthier sgian dubh dagger, which was kept hidden at all times (except when it was flashed out to slit a throat or carve a hamstring). (We carry Sgian Dubhs, too, in three colors - see links above for colors.)
This particular dirk is 9" in overall length, and has been crafted in the Celtic style, with elaborate, winding strands of metal forming the grip with additional Celtic elements on the metal tip of the sheath. The 4.5" blade on this compact dirk is made from stainless steel with serrations along the spine and a thin fuller on one side. We'll engrave up to two lines of text (50 characters each - although the fewer the words, the better the engraving will look) A faux saphire gem has been set into the back end of the grip, forming a glittering blue pommel of sorts.

Buy this Celtic-style Scottish Dirk for yourself or as a customized gift. Add a personalized gift box for a tr(e)uly beautiful presentation. Just choose a Gift Box variation and add your custom text for the box in the order comments! You won't be disappointed -- we swear on the steel of this blade.

About LIGHTSTORMâ„¢ Deep Engraving:
Mantra Immortal uses high-powered lasers to burn away the metal around your text. Yeah, lasers! I know right? We’re talking Han Solo type stuff. Except Han can’t engrave text on a sword blade, can he? Our lasers also create intricate patterns around the text, adding depth, elegance and stimulating contrast. The result is that items we deep engrave are unique and have a much more professional appearance


This is an exclusive Mantra Immortal technique that turns metal into art! The text or image is raised, with an engraved pattern background, all set within a frame. If you select this style (lucky you!) then we suggest placing the most important words in the frame (maximum of seven or eight words, really) and adding the remainder of the text along the bottom or top (or both) in standard engraving.