Custom-Engraved Roman Gladius "Praetorian," with Free Text Engraving

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There's one in every Roman Legion. The centurion that fights like a machine. The one that seems to have extra senses that give him a heightened awareness. The one that can break off an arrow lodged in his shoulder and continue the fight without so much as a pause. Yeah, the one that can burp the entire Latin alphabet. Um. Okay, ignore the last thing that's a *different* type of soldier altogether. But the rest of the descriptions hold tr(e)u. These elite soldiers rise swiftly through the ranks, and, if they're really, really good, they become members of the Emperor's Praetorian Guard.

This sword is a monument to the greatest soldiers in the Roman Empire. Like its namesakes, the sword is powerful, rugged and easy on the eyes. The 22-inch, high-carbon steel blade is lightly sharpened and features a wasp-waist design that was popular in the Roman "Germania" campaigns. The blade is wide and perfect for engraving, so make sure to add your free text. And, while you're at it, add one of our deep-engraved sigils, or a graphic of your own. And, speaking of deep-engraved, why not just turn your standard text engraving into LIGHTSTORMâ„¢ deep engraving? There's nothing like our deep-engraving service to turn a simple, personalized sword into a family heirloom.

The guard and pommel on the Gladius Praetorian are made from a blackened and highly polished hardwood. The grip alternates rings of this blackened hardwood with luxurious bands of golden steel. The black and gold presents a refined, dignified, yet savage appearance that echoes the look of the Praetorian guard.

The personalized Praetorian Gladius comes with textured-leather sheath that has a stripped-down but bad-ass look to it. The leather sheath is silent when drawing or sheathing and has four sets of rings that allow for easy clipping or tying onto a belt