Create Your Own Tribute! Use Our Interactivator to Design Your Own Metal Sculpt!

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  • Deeply Engraved, Glorious, Metal-Sculpted Discs, Squares and Custom Shapes
  • We Can Help You Design Your Own Masterpiece
  • Pretty Much Any Text, Initials, Logos or Images Can Be Deep Engraved
  • And We Mean *Really* Deep (between 2mm and 5mm!)
  • Designs Are Polished to a Gorgeous Shine
  • Fully Customizable including crushed-stone inlays, inset gems, and more
  • Upgrade to a 3D Engraving for Even Greater Mind-Blowage
  • Add a Custom-engraved Presentation Case for Elegance and Portability
  • Felt Pads on the Bottom for Scratch-Free, Easy Gliding (Other Options Available)
  • A Singularly Elegant and Enduring Gift, Award or Memento
  • Quantity Discounts available
  • Proudly Made in the United States by a Family-Owned Business!

We list this product as a custom-engraved, metal paperweight, but that name doesn't do it justice. It's like calling Michelangelo's David a collectible action figure. Or saying that the Great Wall of China is just a backyard fence. Oh, and speaking of China, guess where these are made? If you answered something that rhymes with "angina," then you're totally wrong (and possibly have a dirty mind). These are made by us. Engraved with bad-assed lasers under our artistic eye (30 years of graphic-design experience comes in handy!) Here's a quick list of personalizations:

A company logo. Your baby's footprint. A fingerprint.  A coat of arms. A Monogram. Your lover's name. Magical power runes that allow you to pick the fastest toll-booth lane every time. A date that's special to you. A Wordle (pick 25-30 words, we create an artistic layout from it (see product image)). A Christian cross and a psalm. A Buddha. An award. Song Lyrics. We could go on and on (and often do...)

So, what do you get when you buy this? Well, you get what you want, really. Most of this product is completely customizable. Our standard personalized tribute starts with a disc (aluminum is standard but message us if you want pewter, brass or stainless steel). We'll accept words, initials, images, coats of arms, pretty much anything you want (well, almost anything...).

We take your customization text or image and we deeeeeep engrave it. And we mean, Marianna's Trench deep. We're talking Grand Canyon deep. Well, okay, not that deep. But deeper than anyone we know. I mean, I think the depth we go to is actually illegal in some countries. But we don't care, because we want to make beautiful art for you, our customers. The actual depth is up to you (between 2mm and 5mm, typically, although deeper can be arranged. The deeper you go, the more impressive the overall look. But deeper takes longer, so the costs go up a little, too. 

You can also choose to upgrade to a 3D image. 3D images tend to look more sculpted and complex, but they require a valid 3D file (preferably an .stl file). No problem if you don't have one. We offer an optional service to find or make a 3D image for you! Just select 3D as your engraving style and let us know in the order comments that you would like us to find a 3D image for you. We'll contact you with the details. 

A lot to think about, yeah? Well, we're not done! We can also customize these tributes in many other ways. Want a crushed stone inlay? Let us know! Looking to have a gem set into the work? Just ask! Want a custom shape? No problem! Feel a driving need to embed your dearly departed grandmother's teeth into the metal? Just Let us... um... Just... Hey, did we mention these are made in the USA? 

We engrave these beauties, then we sand, buff and polish until the entire thing is shiny and gleaming. Unless you want it looking rough and weathered and antiqued. In which case, we beat the hell out of it. Yeah, we don't like doing it, but it's in the name of art.