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How do you make a gift really special? Unique up on it. Wait... no, that's a joke I used to  know and I've messed it up. How do you catch a unique rabbit? That's the joke. You already heard the punchline. I suck at this. 

What I mean to say is, a hand-made, custom silk grip-wrap will turn a special gift into a breathtaking piece of art that's targeted directly at the receiver's heart.

We'll wrap the grip of your sword in this luxurious, tapered, hand-stitched silk. Or we can just send it to you separately. Let us know what color you'd like (and maybe an alternate in case we're out of stock on the first color...).

Make your sword, dagger or knife stand out from the throng (in more ways than just the awesome Mantra Immortal Engraving).

Oh, here's another joke: The tame way you caught the unique rabbit! ...wait... that's the punchline. *sigh*