Dragon Claws Sword Holder - Talons of Smaug

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Legend whispers that when King Arthur finally slew his lifelong nemesis, a fierce Dragon, he preserved and memorialized its claws to hold his beloved sword, Excalibur. Or are these the talons of Smaug, the Middle-Earth, treasure-hoarding dragon from Lord of the rings? Or maybe they just remind you of your mother-in-law's hands. Who knows?

However you look at them, these are an absolute *unit* of sword hangers. They're huge (each talon is about 7" wide!) and sculpted out of designer resin with masterful details. And no, just because they're resin doesn't make them cheap. They're seriously heavy and made with meticulous attention to every aspect. Four - yes four - anchors on the back allow you to hang these in any position you want. Whether you slide your sword through the top slot of the dragon scales and menacing talons or simply admire the designer resin hangers' detail, these dragon sword hangers are truly unique.