Knife Display Stand / Letter Opener Stand / Dagger Stand w/ Optional Text Engraving!

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• All Hardware Included
• 10 1/2" Overall Length, 2 1/2" High
• 5 1/2" From the Strut to the Cylinder (Best for Items 6" to 14" in length)
• Lovely Wood-Like Finish (It's *Quasi-Wood.* or *Wood-Esque* If You Will)
• Perfect way to display your smaller blades
• Add a Custom Engraved Plate for Maximum Flash and Resonance!

Yes, this is a nifty little stand for knives, letter openers, daggers, surgical tools, you name it. (Do not use this for surgical tools. Our writer is a bit daft). The blade tip can be set into the slit in the cylinder for sideways view, or rested flat for top views. Choose our "With Engraved Plate" variation and we'll add a brass or black plate to the stand and engrave whatever text you want on it! (Mantra Immortal reserves the right to turn down an engraving that we see as obscene, illegal, or hateful. Were pretty easy-going though!)

So, if you have a knife or letter opener or dagger or surgical tool (NOT SURGICAL TOOLS) that you want to display, or if you want to give a personalized stand with your gift, then look no further! We've got you covered, doc. (DOC IS MEANT IN A GENERAL SORT WAY, LIKE 'GUY.' NOT MEANT TO IMPLY THAT SURGICAL TOOLS CAN BE DISPLAYED ON THIS STAND. THEY CAN'T. IT'S NOT SANITARY ENOUGH. WE NEED A NEW WRITER.)