Medieval Sigil Dagger - Choose Your Own Sigil Graphic

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  • Deep-Engraved Sigil of Your Choice on the Shield Set into the Guards
  • Choose from Our Graphics, a Monogram, or Your Own Custom Image/Logo (optional)
  • Crusader Great Helm Set into Pommel
  • 9 1/2" Stainless Steel Blade
  • 14 1/4" In Overall Length
  • Add an Optional Grip-Wrap in a Gorgeous, Hand-Dyed, Taper-Stitched Silk of Your Choice of Colors (see product images for choices)
  • Add an optional Frame or Divider Graphic (see product images for choices)
  • Upgrade to LIGHTSTORMâ„¢ Deep Engraving on the Blade for a Truly Masterful Look

Free Text & Sigil Engraving! Choose your sigil from the choices in the product photos, or send us 1-3 letters for a monogram (please put your choices for both of those in the engraving comments section). Alternately, select the Custom Sigil option and send us your own simple graphic (choose the custom graphic option). Please add your Custom Wrap color selection in the Engraving Comments section. Thanks!

A noble family's crest or sigil was an honor bestowed only by a king. We don't have kings here in the United States but, fortunately, we have Mantra Immortal! We're happy to bestow whatever sigil, monogram or graphic you want on one or both of the shields that are sculpted into the guards of this dagger. And not just your typical laser-engraving. We use our exclusive LIGHTSTORM™ deep engraving to give your personalization a glorious and dramatic aesthetic. We also add a hand-stitched, silk grip-wrap to the grip of the dagger in your choice of ten color combinations. But wait, there's more (read that in a cheesy, TV announcer voice, please)! We also give you free text engraving on the blade of the dagger. And, if you act now, (and pay a little extra) we'll use LIGHTSTORM™ Deep Engraving for your blade text, too! Its madness! Well, maybe not madness, but definitely awesomeness!

And the dagger isn't anything to sneeze at either. The custom-engraved Sigil Dagger is a 15" thing of beauty, with elegantly curling guards, a 9 1/2" stainless steel blade with no fuller (perfect for engraving!), and a pommel sculpted to look like a crusader knight's helm.

Materials: stainless steel