Custom-Engraved Scottish Sgian Dubh - Celtic Style - Blue Sapphire

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  • Beautifully Crafted Celtic-Style Dagger
  • Braided-Knot Grip Design with Antique Silver Finish
  • 6 3/4" Overall Length
  • 3 1/2" sharpened Stainless Steel Dagger Blade
  • Made for Easy Concealment (Historically Speaking)
  • Available in Other Colors

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Ah, the Sgian Dubh. The unseen steel that is always close at hand. The hidden strength that will defend you when you have nothing left. These Scottish daggers are like your best friends, who will always be at your side to defend you. That's why a personalized sgian dubh makes such a great gift for your friends, groomsmen, bridesmaids, fraternity brothers, and the goalie om your hockey team.
Sgian Dubhs have a long history among the Scots. The name literally translates to "I see you lip syncing." Scottish warriors were very serious about their singing. And... and their Riverdancing. Yeah. Um. Okay, actually, Sgian Dubh might mean "Hidden Knife." These little beauties were kept hidden beneath a kilt (our 'friend' analogy from above falls apart there)(unless they're *that* kind of friend)(not that there's anything wrong with that...).
This gorgeous reproduction of the classic sgian dubh adds a beautifully stylized hilt of braided metal. A decorative reproduction of a Scottish saphire sits nestled at the top of the elegant grip. Why a saphire? Because Scottish saphires are among the rarest of all saphires. And because blue is a really cool color.
The 3.5 inch blade is made from stainless steel and follows the same shape as the historical Scottish knife.
This knife comes with a black sheath embellished with a Celtic-designed, cast-metal tip.