Glory to Ukraine Tribute Disk (Ltd Edition!)

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  • Limited Edition! Only 50 of These Will Be Made!
  • 10% of All Proceeds from This Item Will Go to Ukrainian Charities
  • Beautiful, Stylized Sculpt of the Ukrainian Tryzub
  • Choose the Personalized Version to Swap Out the Text with Your Own Text
  • 3mm Deep and 3 inches in diameter
  • Weighs in at almost half a pound
  • Felt Pads Underneath for Soft, Scratch-Free Gliding
  • Made in the U.S.A

However you feel about world events, you have to admit that Ukrainians are a different sort of people. We've all seen the videos of girls in basements playing classical piano for a crowd of neighbors while dust trickles down on them from the falling bombs. Or the orphaned children who bravely carry on and take care of their younger siblings. Or the two nutty soldiers in the video below, dancing as they wait for Russian tanks to arrive. 

Our Glory to Ukraine Tribute Disk is a salute to the bravery and cheerful perseverance of these magnificent people. Made from polished aluminum and engraved more than 3mm deep, this decorative disc features a beautifully stylized Ukranian tryzub (trident). The main branch of the tryzub is an upward-pointing sword, symbolizing the strength of the Ukranian people. A flower at the top of the disk represents the hard-fought independence of the country on August 24, 1991. The disk is 3 inches in diameter and weighs in at almost half a pound. 

The text on one side of the Tryzub reads, "Glory to Ukraine." On the other side are the same words, but in Ukrainian. Select the Personalized variation and replace the text on either side (or both) with your own text.

This keepsake is the perfect coffee-table conversation piece, wall decor, or office paperweight. So, show the world your solidarity with this beautiful symbol of a country that is currently facing down tyranny, and dancing while they do it.