Hanging, Leather Sword-Frog for Narrow Blades - (Belt-Hung Sword Hanger)

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So you've got your fancy Mantra Immortal sword, and you want to wear it to your niece's baptism. But how are you going to attach the gorgeous weapon to your belt? Fear not, godfather! We present the Hanging Sword Frog for Narrow Blades!

Yes, that's what those leather sword holders that hang from your belt are called. And yes, I do wear my sword to baptisms, doesn't everyone?

The Hanging Sword Frog is made from real leather, with rugged cords to tighten around your sword's scabbard. This frog will fit scabbards that are roughly 2" wide or thinner. So, that would fit our Robin Hood Sword, Excalibur Sword, Masonic Sword, our Ravager XII Arming Sword, and any other of our swords with thinner scabbards. Or your swords. I mean, our frogs prefer to work with Mantra Immortal swords, but they wont complain.