Lagertha, bronze viking shield-maiden statue, 11 inches tall, with optional personalization

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Behind every great Viking is an absolutely amazing shield maiden. Seriously. The Viking women were as ruthless as the men. They could fight, conquer, sail and still cook and raise children. Damn. And I whine like a baby when the remote batteries die and I have to get up and raise the TV volume by hand. This magnificent statue of a Viking Shield Maiden was carved by master sculptors and finished in cold-cast bronze. And what a job they did! The details on this statue are remarkable. From the hundreds of individual links in her chainmail hauberk to the countless hairs of her fur cloak. I mean, have a look at the braids hanging down from her head. Yeah. Do you see the ends? You can actually see the coiled strands of leather she used to bind the ends. Now that's detail! Do you see the brooch on her shoulder? The decorated rondel on her right shoulder? The... um... you know... those... Madonna things on her... her tracts of land. All of these things have been exquisitely detailed. And it doesn't stop there. You could look at her for an hour and still miss something. The statue is loosely based on the famous Viking shield-maiden, Lagertha. You might know of Lagertha from the hit TV show Vikings. Historically, she tr(e)uly was married to Ragnar Lodbrok, and eventually became queen of Norway. So maybe the expression should be, behind every great Viking queen is a absolutely amazing (and kind half-crazy) Viking warrior dude. Th shield-maiden statue isn't a cheesy plastic toy. This is a heavy, high-quality sculpture that feels as elegant as it looks. Choose the base variation for a lovely chestnut stand and personalized text!