Statue of Medusa Firing Bow Instead of Just Killing People By Looking at Them

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  •  Immortalize This Statue with an Optional Wooden Base and Custom-Engraved Plate
  • Absolutely Beautiful Rendering of Medusa, Angry and Firing Her Bow
  • Sculpted with Intricate Attention to Detail
  • Crafted in Designer Resin with a Cold-Cast Bronze Finish
  • Statue glistens and glints in the light
  • We've Skillfully Painted Over Her Eyes to Prevent Accidental Stoning
  • Dimensions:  9" x 6"

 Ah, Medusa. A walking (or slithering, depending on the mythos) cautionary tale about not making-out in a church. Especially not Athena's church. Even if the person you're making out with is Athena's brother (or father, again, depending on the mythos. Big difference in this scenario, though...).  

Yes, Medusa, once a beautiful Greek influencer who caught the eye of every Greek male, was caught making out with Poseidon in the temple of Athena. It doesn't seem as if Poseiden put up much of a defense for Medusa, because Athena cursed her. Medusa's hair turned to writhing snakes and catching Medusa's eye from that day forward meant turning an awkward shade of stone. Athena held her grudge long after that day, eventually helping Perseus cut her head off. Perseus gifted the head to Athena, who was so pleased by the gift that she made it the symbol on her shield. 

This glorious envisioning of Medusa (post Poseidon affair) shows her in a fury, with bow drawn and bloodthirsty scowl on her face. The writhing snakes of her hair mimic venomous scowl. The entire statue is sculpted in astonishing detail, from the scales of her tail (a tail added to her mythology by Ray Harryhausen) to the bosses on her bracers. 

This statue is sculpted in designer resin and finished in a cold-cast bronze plating for the look and feel of metal. The statue has heft and gleams in the light.