Mini Greek Spartan Helmet - Ironwork Style - with Stand and Optional Engraving

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  • 6" Reproduction of a Historically Accurate Greek Hoplite Helmet
  • Perfect for Telling Someone That You'd Have Them in Your Phalanx Any Day
  • Add an Optional Wooden Stand for Display
  • For Real Wow-Factor, Add an Upgraded Stand and Custom-Engraved Plate
  • Fantastic Corporate Gift, Wedding Gift, Military Gift, Trophy or Award
  • Magnificent Desktop Decor
Grab one of these 6" Spartan Helmets for personal decor, as a gift for someone with a warrior's heart, or as an award for a fellow shield-bearer. We say Spartan, but this type of helmet was also worn by soldiers of Athens, Thebes, Corinthia, and several other city-states. Dare we say it? It's all Greek to us. Yeah, I guess we do dare.
Anyway, this small helm was fashioned after ancient Greek helmets unearthed by archeologists. You can add an optional wood display for display prowess. or if you're looking to really impress, then upgrade to a deluxe stand with custom-engraved text on a brass plate.