Mini Spartan Helmet Helmet with Optional Text and Logo Engraving

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  • Now Available with Optional Custom Logo or Graphic Engraved into Cheekplate!
  • Ornate, Desktop Reproduction of Greek Hoplite Helmet with Horsehair Crest
  • Comes Mounted on Black Granite Base That Can Be Personalized with Your Text on an Engraved Plate
  • Helmet is Sculpted in High-Grade Resin, then Coated in a Cold-Cast Bronze
  • Perfect on Desktops, Bookshelves, Niches and Car Hoods. Okay, Not Car Hoods.
  • Fantastic Corporate Gift, Wedding Gift, Military Gift, Trophy or Award
  • Magnificent Desktop Decor
  • Dimensions (including stand): 8 1/2" x 4 1/2" x 3 1/2"
When you think of Spartans and other Greek warriors, you probably imagine long red cloaks, bare chests, and optimistically bulging codpieces. In reality, Greek hoplite warriors were among the most heavily armored soldiers, pound for pound, in the history of warfare. Their iconic, Corinthian-style helmets with horse-hair crests were symbols of a long heritage of dominance in combat, and of minds shaped by reason.

Now you or someone you know can own one of those symbols.

The Spartan Desktop Helmet was sculpted by master artists, in high-quality resin, then bronzed in a cold-cast process that preserves even the tiniest details. Our helmet is a rich blend of stylized artistry and historical accuracy. And, the best part? You can custom engrave the granite base with your own personal message, war slogan, or private manifesto (as long as your manifesto is 150 characters or less). And, if you choose the cheek-plate engraving variation, we'll deep-engrave your logo or simple graphic into the cheek plate! Or, you can simply take the helm as is, with no engraving at all. Select the variation you like below.

Our personalized Greek helmets are perfect as office gifts, awards, wedding presents or favors, or just astoundingly cool decor for any room.

Materials: Bronze, Fiberglass