Oversized Macedonian Helmet with Cold-Cast Bronze Finish on Museum Mount Stand - with Optional Custom-Engraving

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  • Oversized Reproduction of a Macedonian Helmet from the Time of Alexander the Great
  • Cast in Designer Resin and Finished with a Layer of Bronze Patina
  • Mounted on Wood-Finished Museum Stand with Optional Custom-Engraved Plate
  • 25 Inches High with Stand
  • Perfect Decor to Make Any Space Look More Stately
  • Fantastic Gift for History Buffs, Conquerors, and Powerful Personalities
  • Makes a Breathtaking Trophy or Award

Alexander the Great was, perhaps, the... um... searching for a word... GREATEST conqueror the world has ever seen. Most of the known world in 300 B.C. was under his control. Probably because of the nifty helmets he and his soldiers wore. Okay, maybe there was a little more to it than that. But the helmets definitely didn't hurt.

This absolutely breathtaking reproduction of an unearthed Macedonian helmet is slightly overscale to convey a sense of might and power. It's sculpted in designer resin, then finished in a cold-cast layer of bronze patina for ruggedness and authentic appearance. The helmet is mounted impressively on a massive, museum stand via steel rod for a secure hold that won't wobble or turn. Immortalize this gift with a custom-engraved brass plate that says "You've conquered my heart" or "You can untie my Gordian Knot anytime, baby," or "Tom Morphin the Great. Conqueror of the Southeast Illinois Sales Region." You get the point!

This Alexander the Great Helmet makes for a fantastic corporate gift or award, military gift, retirement gift, birthday present, wedding present (yeah, we all have that couple in our family that deserves a Macedonian helm as a gift) or as a personal touch of style in your own study. Whatever the reason, this is a *great* choice. Um. Yeah, we went there. Again.