Personalized Bronzed Statue of Loki, Viking God of Mischief and Pain-in-the-Avengers'-Arse, 14" Tall, with Optional Personalized Base

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There's a Loki in every group of friends.

You know, the buddy in construction who gives you a sweet deal on your home renovations, but uses cheap products and shoddy workers and ends up costing you $50k more to repair the work he did. Or the drinking pal who body checks you into stacks of garbage bags lying on the New York City sidewalk on a binge-drinking night. You love them, because they're your friends--heck, they might even be your relatives--but you're always making excuses for them. Well, let me tell you, it's all fun and games until a family member ends up dead, and, as punishment, your fiend ends up tied up with the entrails of his own son, with acid-venom dripping on him, his convulsions of agony causing earthquakes all around the world. Hmm. Maybe my analogy is falling a apart a bit here...

We all know Loki from the Marvel Avengers and Thor movies. And while Tom Hiddleston's portrayal of the mischievous Norse god is brilliant, the writers stay away from some of the darker, grittier parts of the god's past. Loki is a warrior, a lover, a prankster, and, deep down, has a mean streak that often pushes his antics over the top. This awesome sculpt of the Norse trickster highlights Loki's strength and regal bearing. His helmet is crowned with long, gracefully arching horns that curl backward. He leans on an ornately carved, long-handled war-axe, and wears a thigh-length chainmail hauberk. Burnished leather accents on his belt and shoulders show off the marvelous artwork that the Norse are known for. Beside him sits Fenrir, the dread wolf (who happens to be Loki's son. Seriously. Don't ask.).

A serpent writhes on Loki's shoulder, possibly one of two serpents that held a strong role in Loki's life. The first is Jörmungandr, the Midgard Serpent, which is prophesied to bring about Ragnarok, the great battle at the end of time. Jörmungandr is another of Loki's children (you sleep with a giantess one time. Jeesh.). The snake could also represent the serpent that was set above Loki as part of his punishment--the one that dripped acidic venom onto his face for eternity(-ish).

This handsome, bronzed Loki statue is sculpted from a high-quality poly-carbonate, which is then bronzed using a cold-cast technique that retains even the most minute of details -- from the individual links of Loki's armor to the tiniest of swirls on his sword guard. The artist has given the trickster god a sober, even mournful expression--a fantastic choice that speaks of the inner conflicts within this oft-misunderstood god. The statue portrays Loki as he's rarely seen--majestic, powerful, and pensive. Loki's statue comes with an optional engraved base. Choose your base style (scroll through the images for pictures of the base styles) and let us know what you want engraved. It makes a fantastic gift for lovers of Norse mythology, collectors, or for that friend that you dearly love, but wouldn't mind dripping acidic venom on his or her face once in a while.

Materials: Cold-cast Bronze, Designer Resin