Personalized Celtic Cross Tribute Square with Optional Coaster Conversion

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  • Gorgeous Celtic Cross, Deep Engraved into Alloy Rectangle
  • Free Customizable Text Along Bottom - Just Use the Personalization Fields Above
  • Select "Resin-Fill" When Customizing to Turn This Into a Beautiful Coaster
  • Quantity Discounts for Sets of Two, Four, Six or More
  • Beautiful Scroll Border
  • Felt Pads Underneath or Soft, Scratch-Free Gliding
  • Made in the U.S.A

The Celtic cross has been around since at least the 7th century. Most people don't know that the majestic circle surrounding the junction of the cross comes from St. Patrick, who was an avid enthusiast of the early Frisbee. It's said that his Frisbee throw went wide and hit a church cross, and its rim got caught on a nail int he cross. Okay. My editor said that I need to stop making stuff up and to let you know that my St. Patrick story is not treu. And he's right. It's not treu, because, in actuality, St. Patrick *meant* to get the Frisbee stuck on the cross. 

*sigh* My editor has no sense of humor. St. Patrick never had a Frisbee or anything of the sort. But the Celtic cross has often been associated with him. This gorgeous tribute square features a deeply engraved Celtic cross that has been decorated with gorgeous interlace and other scrollwork. The text below the cross is also deep-engraved, and is customizable to whatever words you want (May I suggest, Frisbee?). Select the "Resin Fill" option to turn this beautiful Celtic sculpture into an impressive coaster!