Personalized Desktop Guillotine with Free Engraving

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  • Free Text Engraving!
  • Desktop Guillotine for Your Desk or Shelf with Moving Blade
  • Free Custom Engraving for Your Snarky Comments or Messages of Hope
  • Blade is Not Sharp, so Please Don't Try to Behead Aristocrats With This Item
  • A Great Office Present for Your Co-Workers or Customized Gift for a History Buff
  • Also a Great Birthday Gift! Even Though it Will Inevitably Lead to "Let Them Eat Cake!" Comments at the Party
  • Dimensions: 5 1/2" Tall by 4" Wide by 5 1/4" Long
This desk-sized collectible is a detailed replica of a wealth-re-distribution machine. Yeah, probably not funny.

The guillotine was the French lower-class's solution to an out-of-control aristocracy. Many of the rich and powerful members of the French upper class had their heads removed from their bodies by this innovative machine during the French Revolution. I guess when the starving masses beg you for food, responding with "Let them eat cake." isn't the smartest thing to do. Take note, Kardashians. #EatTheRich?

The cast metal construction with moving parts includes a harmless "chopping blade." It's a fascinating gifts for a history buff or an unusual executive toy.


This item comes with free text engraving! Your text will be engraved onto a brass plate made to fit the base.