Excalibur! Personalized Sword of King Arthur

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Free Text Engraving!

Ah, King Arthur! Bringer of Peace. Ruler of Camelot. Commander of the Round Table. Master of Laden Swallows. In the history of swords, there can be none more famous than Excalibur. Given to Arthur by the Lady of the Lake (or, some "watery tart", depending on which version you follow), Excalibur had the power to blind enemies, and the sword's scabbard (when worn) was alleged to keep wounds from bleeding.

This reproduction of King Arthur's sword can blind your enemies if you turn it to just the right angle, and you'll probably get only about a second or two of actual blindness to work with. And the sheath will only stop you from bleeding if your enemy stabs the sheath itself. That said, this is a lovely artist's rendering of Excalibur, complete with the Pendragon name on the pommel (Arthur's last name, but you knew that). The pommel also bears a dragon holding a pen, which was Arthur's sigil. Okay, I made up the pen part, but it would make sense, wouldn't it?

This engravable sword has a 26-inch blade made from a silky stainless steel, with large flat areas perfect for personalizing with names, images, patterns, or all three! The sword's overall length is about 35 inches. Pommel and guards are ruggedly cast metal, and leatherette grip feels comfortable in your hand. Add a sigil graphic, or a frame/divider to the sword blade to really set off your free engraved text!

Whether you believe that farcical aquatic ceremonies are a basis for supreme executive power or not, this sword is worthy of a king. Pick up to two lines of text and a font from the images above. We'll use our magic lasers to engrave your text on the sword! Makes an awesome groomsman gift. Or bridesmaid gift, really. Makes an awesome gift or trophy for anyone!