Personalized Letter Opener - Knight Crusader - Templar Lord's Sword

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  • It's a Gorgeous Letter Opener, with Groundbreaking "Deep-Engraved" Custom Text
  • Yes, We'll **Deep-Engrave** up to 40 Characters of Your Text
  • Gorgeous Templar Sword Design with the Crest of the Knights Templars on the Pommel
  • A Whopping 12" in Overall Length! Perfect Size to Show Off the Masterful Details
  • Red Templar Cross Etched into the Pommel
  • "In Nomine Domini" Etched into Guards (In the Name of God)
  • Historical Images of Jesus on One Side and the Virgin Mary on the Other
  • The Highest Quality Letter Opener We Sell!
  • Want More? Add a Custom-Engraved Tabletop Stand!

Yes, letters still exist. And there's still no better way to open them than with the cryptically named 'letter opener." These lovely Excalibur letter openers are customized with up to 30 characters of your very own deep-engraved text. What do we mean by deep-engraved? Well, think of the standard engraving you usually see, and multiply it ten-thousand awesome.

Most engravers just mark the surface, or etch a teeny-tiny bit into the metal. At Mantra Immortal, our motto is "Go Deep, or Go Home." Yeah, we're working on a new motto. But that doesn't change the fact that we engrave deeply into the metal around the text. The result? Raised text that can be felt, and that looks ten-thousand-awesome better than standard engraving.

This absolute *unit* of a letter opener is made in Spain by master craftsmen, and is flawless in quality and design. A perfect representation of a Knight's Templar Commander's sword.

For a more finished presentation, add a custom-engraved display stand! We'll add an engraved plate onto the stand with whatever words you want. Unless we think your words are really mean. Then we'll send you an email telling you we think your words are really mean and that will delay your order. What a mess. Just be nice. You can order the stand here.

Our letter openers are usually hot sellers, so grab them before they go out of stock!